From Widow’s Quest

by Anna on November 26th, 2007

I have found such solace on the web and found so many people who have helped me through the dark days. Here are 5 tools that I have used as a way of beating loneliness

  1. Blogging:- I love my blog, I love the fact that I can share my feelings and that in some small way I can reach out to others, hopefully helping them through the bereavement process.
  2. Twitter:- This is a really great way of seeing what other people are doing and also sharing tips with each other. It is what they call microblogging…which is a posh term for writing no more than 140 characters each time. So they are quick snippets….
  3. Facebook:- This is a social networking tool which allows you to find friends, join groups, message people….and have a little fun on line. I have connected again with friends that I had lost touch with, which has been fantastic.
  4. Podcasting:- I produce a podcast on business twice a week but I also produce a podcast with someone that I met online and this is about us losing weight – we have lost over 70lbs in weight…I would not have achieved my part without weighing in each week on line.
  5. Google Reader:- This allows me to subscribe to blogs that are of interest to me and allows me to learn about new areas. When people post something new then I get it automatically….it makes me feel connected.

One of the joys of the world we live in is that we can have friends all over the world…that we can join communities that interest us, that we never need to feel alone……(of course we both know we still do!)