Girlfriend Pillow

Lay your head on your “girlfriend’s” lap. Soft plush pillow comes complete with red miniskirt. Great for bachelor parties or actually quite functional for reading in bed. Polyester velvet with plump polyfill. 23″ x 13″ x 13″


Boyfriend Pillow

Feeling lonely? Here’s the solution for a gal whose boyfriend or husband is away on a trip! A pillow with an arm and soft, fleecy hand wraps around you while you sleep or relax. No more lonely nights when you snuggle with the “boyfriend pillow”! It makes a humorous gift for single pals. The polyester pillow is filled with foam and “dressed” in a cotton shirt. Hand washable. Imported. 20″ long.

These Japanese inventions were not created as a joke, but to assuage loneliness or at least the craving for physical comfort.