This is not a blog but an e-collage.  A fine distinction but an important one.  I encourage reader’s to contribute their stories true or fictional, poems, paintings, photos, slideshows, videos, or any other information about loneliness to  I am interested to see what others come up with whether it is serious, humorous or ironic.


3 Responses to “About I wander lonely as…”

  1. Joanna R. McClelland Says:

    Love the mix of music poetry and sites
    I don’t feel so lonely now.

  2. Nathan Hobby Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like the idea of a thematic e-collage. You’ve got an interesting mix of stuff. Well done.

  3. Laurette Says:

    Hi Janet:

    Love your website…it’s very well done. I wish I had something of substance to add but you know me, LOL!

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