Loneliness Report Disputed: Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson, It’s On!

By Wendy Cook
Nov 24, 2007

Jennifer Aniston was looking forward to working with Owen Wilson for the first time on the family drama Marley and Me.  But of course the film was derailed when Owen attempted suicide in August.  Life & Style Weekly is reporting that they have learned the movie’s back on and will begin shooting next spring.   Some of Jen’s Oregon friends are fighting back against reports that she was ‘sad and lonely’ in Oregon while working there.

Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson, It's On!
Loneliness Report Disputed: Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson, It’s On!

The report seemed rather odd at the time as it came at a time when the local press in Oregon was reporting that the 38-year old California beauty often referred to as America’s Sweetheart was having a grand time in the state and hitting the local hot spots enjoying herself and even mixing and visiting with the locals.


According to a report from the Madras Pioneer.  Wyck Godfrey, the producer of “The Management,” countered a story in a national movie magazine that claimed that Aniston was “upset and lonely,” a report from the paper states.

Aniston, who stayed at the Inn at Cross Keys Station, along with other members of the cast, had a good time in Madras, he pointed out. “The crew has had a fantastic time,” he said. “I mean every night, they have gone to … Silverado, the bowling alley three times, eaten at Mazatlan, Ding Ho, Mexico City.”


The cast and crew enjoyed the local Mexican food, he said, and ate at Mexico City regularly. “We ate there almost every night,” he said, adding that Aniston even signed a few autographs there.

Besides visiting restaurants and lounges, the cast spent money at grocery and hardware stores, gas stations, the liquor store — all over the community.